Szilveszter Veszprémi : May You Be Forever Happy 1

I learned this from an emo girl 

I was fourteen and she sixteen 

she was roaring out ‘Lilac Bough’ all off-key and mega sexy 

and she said those words 

don’t mean a thing 

and that only yelling 

only yelling’s got a point 


she dragged as deep on her cigarette 

as a loud emo girl could in 2012  

at the playground in the park outside the plaza  

and it wasn’t ‘the trees’ or ‘the breeze’ 

 or ‘the wind in the branches’ or the ‘rustling’ 

she was battling with but my world-suffering  

rising up inside her she wanted it to stop 

and everything to be good 


and ever since then that song’s got 

a special secret meaning 

it’s about selena about the girl 

who was really the spit of selena gomez 

just she’d fallen hard for the punk boys 

and knew that everything you didn’t  

keep to yourself could be sold off 

the tune comes down 

from a major pentatonic 

into a minor 

it might not be true but 

years later someone said that’s what 

makes this song so rare and sweet 

they wanted to impress me 

and did impress me 

I gave them a bit of it 

but like every rarity 

it has no value in itself 

when you reject the point of a song 

you can’t take it away 

only stick a new cover over it 

new burdens on the drunken yells 

because love is nothing 

compared to the world’s sufferings 

and it’s only by chance 

that these days I think a lot about  

the emo girl who’s since grown up 

and who once that time outside the plaza  

was so very right. 

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