Stevi Kalombo

Where does my story begin?

and where does it end?

what is if you try to get freedom by shifting through matter.

Is it better to express regret?

Emotions control the body.

The only course of action, but in its nature the most difficult one.

Complicated in its matter that doesn’t feel too good.

Never had the experience of trial.

I missed the part of understanding, how waisting time on one thing speeds up the rate of others.

Your mind can’t find peace with the new challenges.

Take it or leave it.

A big difference that you will understand later,

which you will never get back.

What I want to be, that I am not.

What kinda of inspiration do I want to be,

that I am not.

The journey to your courage seems long.

Brave people say; push your worries aside.

You just can’t sell your bravery to them.

Is there a difference on playing cold, or to go with terror to the light to shine courage.

Every opportunity is a free throw.

Excuse are the worst way to fall.

Remember to holdfast of your pedal in your journey.

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