Two of the most important POT-VOT project deliverables are International Poet Collective Poetry Book and the Tool book. All fifty-five included poets will get the performance training, performance and presentation opportunities, creation with an international team and will publish their work in two books that will be spread out throughout the partners’ networks.

International Poet Collective Poetry Book will be translated in six different languages – 5 languages of the project and in English. it consists of poems of five poets, one from each country. However, the project aims to offer them a platform for their own presentation and visibility, so five poems from each poet will be collected, translated to all partner languages and edited into a book. In the book, presentation of the authors and contact will be made available, so any interested publishing house can contact them for further cooperation and publishing options.

Tool Book will constist of 50 poems of 50 selected poets, that were developing their performance skills throughout modules and practically testing them on Poetry days and Literature walks. The second part of the book will include essays and articles on important topics when talking about poetry in schools, and practical appendix, that will consist of performance poetry scripts template and practical exercises that can help the young to engage with poetry more. It will also include practical guide and scripts for a variety of literary event formats with relevant contacts of poets to ensure schools have prepared material to apply it into their yearly programme and curricula.

In the year of 2023 Slovenia will be the guest of honour at the biggest book fair in Frankfurt, so the artistic presentation of the International Poet Collective and their published book will be done on the Slovenian stand to gain even more recognition and reach.

Both books will be disseminated through dissemination events, through partners’ networks and in book fairs to inspire different target groups to learn about the project – Tool Book will be communicated especially towards poets, artists, cultural operators, pedagogues and teachers and International Poet Collective Book will be communicated to all potential readers with aim to read poetry in different languages, to learn about other European poets and to increase visibility of poetry in general.

Poetry City Walk is artistic creation that brings poetry from poets closer to local communities and presents possibilities that local communities have to connect with culture and artists. Ten poets will perform one poem, each on different spot in the city/local community that is connected to already existing tradition.

Performances will therefore display innovative formats of performances that will be engaging and supported by creative and ecological promotional materials that will help with the visibility of the project and creation of the community. Therefore, the selected 50 poets will work in public spaces as 5 Poetry City Walks will be prepared in all 5 partner countries.

On Poetry city walk this will be the expert in cultural heritage and the city/local community, who will present important locations and stories connected with literature of the local communities. The selected spots will be connected through Poetry City Walk Maps, which will be designed together with illustrators.

The event will happen in all 5 project countries and will be live-streamed so international audience can “visit” other European cities and cultural sights and events as well. The literary map will be handed over to representatives of municipalities/communities to be used as a template for future events.

Poetry City Walks performances will not only focus on promotion of cities’ cultural heritage and history, accessibility and performance event itself, but will also be created with environmental impact in mind – the route will be devoted to promotion of walking, more no traffic zones and green spaces in the cities, more frequent use of the public transportation and other possible green solution in different environments, cities and places. Special focus will be given to ensure accessibility of different groups of audiences, by organizing events in easily accessible, public spaces and offering a hybrid counterpart of the events by streaming it online, communicating on various channels, etc.

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