Poetry as an inspiration II – meeting of poets and teachers as part of module 4

The last module planned as part of the Poets of Today – Voices of Tomorrow project was organised at the Centre for Cultural Organisations in Gliwice on 2 December 2023. It was attended by poets and poets, teachers and the project’s artistic team. The meeting, organised under the motto ‘Poetry as inspiration II’, was primarily aimed at making the best possible preparations for the Poetry Days planned in eleven schools in the second half of February 2024.

Poets and poets worked directly with teachers from the schools where they will meet young people, while members of the artistic team provided assistance and shared their experiences. The poetry walk, which also took place in Gliwice in August, was also summarised and all participants were invited to an international meeting and poetry performance, which will take place in March 2024 with the participation of the project’s main poets from Finland, Slovenia, Serbia, Hungary and, of course, Poland.

Photos: Jadwiga Janowska

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