Mónika Ferencz: She Dreams of Imaginary Words 

aluness. n. 1. A name for the in-between phases of the moon. 2. A state lacking in stimulation, solitariness, a positively experienced sense of loneliness. 3. A fountain erected in the middle of the woods which suspends its babbling on sensing any movement at all.  

aortid  n. 1. A hose-like organ with muscly walls found in both humans and animals which, as it contracts and dilates, ensures the circulation of the blood in the body. 

mounding n. The (exterior) female sexual organ, the female pudenda. 

tossity. n. A sleepless state in which a person spends too much time trying to  

figure out who they should spend the rest of their life with. 

twisture. n. The distortion of the neutral meaning of words and symbols. 

ween n. (trad.) The general name given to young animals. 

clushing n. A feeling based on sexual attraction, chiefly expressed in desire for another person, clinging to that person and idealisation of them. Eg.,  ͠    blackmail;  ͠   flares up, dies down, cools off 

insourant.  adj. and n. (rare, formal) A <person> who spends more time burning books than watching drama series or films.  

grasalt. n. 1. A pale, rarely used colour mixed from seawater and ambergris. 2. adj. A <substance> which, when it is burned, yields itself. 3. A stark state of consciousness experienced after a person has figured out who to spend the rest of their life with, holds a degree, has the keys to a car and their own apartment, a cat and two dogs in the garden, a rewarding job that pays well, but thinks every time they lay their heads down to sleep that there’s no point to any of it. 

nole n. A small brown, reddish or black birthmark found on the nape of the neck.  

bimp n. A child’s drawing of a malignant tumour. 

tripden n. A bicycle for three people. 

whirrage vb. 1. A slight, tremor-like movement made by a creature, usually accompanied by a soft sound. 2. n. Prophecy made on the basis of birds’ flight and calls, carried out by a separate priestly order. 

wizdiz n. 1. A person who likes philosophy and philosophising. 2. A wisdom tooth that has never emerged. 3. derisory the Kalmü people, a group of people espousing the Buddhist religion.  

futheed. n. 1. Geog. a narrow wooden bridge connecting the village of Göd with Nevelek Hillside, on which only pedestrians may cross. 

hoal n. 1. Sensing, feeling, experiencing, la fonction du réel. 2. Nihil, emptiness. 3. A black spot which turns up on a painting while it is being exhibited. 

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