Kati Hiltunen

Bury me next to the safari

in Arugambay

sprinkle my ashes in the north after the snow has fallen

play Hector and Avicii at the wake

dance on the tables until the morning comes

serve cheesecake and white wine

pray to whoever you want

hug all the guests,

no one should leave alone


Share stories from my life

the bad ones too

decorate the place with dream catchers

someone could recite a few poems

If I die before my mother

embrace her and make sure she has lots of handkerchiefs

my brother can wash the dishes

my sister will perform a dance


Don’t look at pictures or PowerPoint presentations

look around you

get to know each other

so you will always remember me,

a girl at whose funeral you found a new friend

and the cheesecake tasted lovely

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