Kirsikka Vaahtera: The summer

I have twelve kittens sitting around me,

                              howling newborns, slimy

               they color black and white pictures in their minds

I like to think

with my hands ten fingers ten toes twelve

around me coloring the Truth dark green

                              I like sitting around

The sleet passes through the eyelids causing inflammation

               When I go out I climb the stairs to a Library to the side of a Library

                              screaming newborns, from saliva

               to pick up a Christmas Tree from a Reception, but not in summer

               to ask in which book was that one sentence on the cover a dark green Circle

I read it that one summer on a Motorboat

    I would have been better without

We were twelve years old that summer

except for my brother, he was ten

that summer when my brother hid under a bench, our friend told us about Lip Gloss

                                                                                                the stinking

I sit bad-tempered but moderately energetic not in a Barn

or a Kitchen, not an Observation Tower,

except in dreams I mumble words

not Sheets nor Pitfall nor Swimming Pool (the track for fast swimmers) on Concrete

                                                                                  I only use fishkicks 

I sit eating cuticles the inside of my cheek the soles of my feet and other dryish things

I shit

My armpits are stuck in a hole I cut yesterday

               paper scissors on an envelope for the fall and Father’s Day

               Twelve mutts barking around me that summer

               to get away with everything 

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