Ádám Vajna: Cowherd Maiden Blues 

the cowherd maiden leads her cows 

to graze upon the pasture. 

cowherd maiden, lead no cows 

to pasture now or after. 

cowherd maiden, your gentle cows, 

a plague upon their hides, 

for woodland bears on the prowl 

will split your gentle sides, 

will wring, will wrench, will unrefine 

your redly flowing blood, 

such that now, should i you find, 

while wandering by the wood, 

would never say this face was yours, 

what has he done, i rue, 

you never will be, nor were, 

my love, fair and true, 

a lowly shepherd boy am i, 

bears are far from few, 

reality’s a pliant thing and 

hear my song to you, 

cowherd maiden cowherd maiden 

cowherd maiden cowherd 

maiden cowherd maiden cowherd 

maiden cowherd maiden 

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